Why ProWeb sites are more powerful

Why ProWeb sites are more powerful


One of the most common questions regarding websites is what is the benefit of speeding up the site?

Your site is fast, is performing well, and aspiring to the best
Or is your site slow and needs acceleration and tuning .

Is it important for my site to be fast?

There is a study that confirms that the speed of the site is the second most important feature after the site’s security among Internet users.

Amazon has found that site speed has an impact on sales revenue is 1% higher per 100th of a second.

Walmart also noticed that the site’s speed has a major impact, with a 2% increase in sales per second.

Mozilla, the company that developed Firefox Browser, gets more than 60 million downloads annually by making its site open in less than 2.2 seconds.

You have a site with few contents (a few pages on a few articles) Your beautiful and successful site you installed on the WordPress blog, for example, on your own, with WordPress plugins that you chose carefully, and the result is frustration !!!

Slow and heavy site when opening and browsing. The interface of the site is slow, and the WordPress control panel is slow, what is the problem?

Most problems start from lack of programming experience in dealing with websites. Most of the free content management systems need a lot of programming modifications to reach the professional level, and this is what most customers do not know.

The customer wanted to try to reduce the cost to the programmatic intervention by himself, thinking that it was better and easier
But experience is the basis .

Most of most content management systems do not provide the requirements that the customer needs with a free image only. You get what makes you pay more and more than additions that increase your site expenses and destroy the speed and performance of your site in other ways.
It doesn’t work properly and you don’t know what is the real reason you paid really much.

You can expect the result: a resource-poor site, and heavy browsing.
The well-designed interface has an impact on your site’s speed, because relying on it will be great for displaying your site’s content.

 We at ProWeb design your website interface professionally and with strong performance.

We are interested in continuous development update, high performance and speed; to get you a professional website, and at the same time get the advantages that you aspire to.

So the important question is how do I make my site fast?
The answer is simple, call Pro Web Solutions and request a website acceleration service

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