Why ProWeb sites are better protected

Why ProWeb sites are better protected

Protecting your site from hacking This is what matters to every website owner. We often hear about hacking websites

Hacking the site means that the hacker can exploit a security vulnerability that has given him the authority to control the site’s management, so securing the site is an important and necessary matter in the process of building websites .

It is the basis of security, which guarantees the stability of the site and the continuity, it is possible to make a huge effort in building a site with high-quality content, but all that effort may be lost because the site was suddenly hacked by the hackers

He scans the contents of the site, in which case you may lose a large number of followers of the site and you may lose your reputation as a website.

In the world of programming and technology, hacking has become so commonplace that it is terrifying, and hacking websites is one of the most common types of penetration, which puts us owners in a state of tension, anxiety and a sense of permanent war with an enemy we do not already know

But we know quite well that he is somewhere awaiting the right opportunity to attack, that the matter is really not beautiful and cannot be seen with looks of retreat or fear.

Rather, it must be seen with the looks of the challenge and the desire to survive. We, as programmers at ProWeb, have a very difficult task, which is to maintain the product of years of work from being lost just for a simple gag.

The basic rule to protect your site is to have security thinking
Security thinking is to think the same way the hacker thinks, because the hacker or the so-called hacker will not penetrate your site ethically, but will search for the weak point that you left

You might have left a note next to it to solve it next week and use it to hack your site

We at ProWeb offer you this thought

I can expect your facial expressions when you enter the site to find that it does not work for an unknown reason.

Dear Customer, We have tried this feeling and it is not a pleasant feeling at all.

So how do we protect ourselves from penetration?

The answer is simple. Call Pro Web Solutions and request a security verification service for your site

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