Google Marketing

Google Marketing

Marketing with Google AdWords or Google search engine marketing is one of the best methods for Internet marketing .

Because of its ability to attract internet users interested in the product or service offered by the company or the website
It depends on many things, the most important of which are the search words they use in Google, which is a strong guide to knowing their interests.

Thus, we are talking about great accuracy in targeting the market to be marketed.

Watch the success and growth of your company and increase its sales now with Google advertising campaigns!

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Double your chances of success through e-marketing with Google ads, gain more customers and sales at the same time, show your ads in Top search results on Google, attract more customers and reach your target audience.

Show your ads to customers when they search on Google Search and Google Maps for businesses similar to yours. You will only pay for the desired results, for example when customers click on the ad to visit your website or contact your business.

Google Marketing – Google AdWords is divided into a group of elements

It is the template that contains the rest of the other elements in the advertising campaign. The single campaign is divided into several ad groups and you can create one ad campaign or several ad campaigns at the same time with the assistance of our Dear ProWeb experts.

AD Groups

These are groups that each contain keywords and ads related to a specific subject. Unlike campaigns, creating more than one ad group in the same campaign is necessary

because it helps you target many topics (user interests) and thus broaden the range of keywords related to the campaign and diversify the ads that Exposed to the user.

key words

Key words are among the most important things that control the physical side of the campaign, so choosing your keywords with high prices increases the effectiveness of converting a visitor into a customer but reduces the number of total customers,

so we at ProWeb choose for you the least expensive words and have proven their usefulness in your site in your previous analyzes,Care must also be taken to coordinate the task of choosing keywords with SEO, because in this format you save a lot of money, so there is no need to choose words that you are in the main pages of the search for free.


There is an absolute necessity to coordinate ads to fit the keywords of your site, as the Google terms are strict in this regard, in terms of the similarity of the domain in the campaign as a whole and the limited number of words that you can put in the advertisement.

There is also a great necessity for you as an advertisement, namely placing more than one ad to avoid the consequences of constantly repeating one ad.

Do not worry our dear customer, we are just trying to explain a little to you, but with the honest hands of experts who are in your service specifically for the best marketing campaign for your source of profit.

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